Trade help please, 14 team league

Have been offered a trade. 14 team league with roster limits.

I receive:
Dak Prescott
Kerryon Johnson
Ricky Seals-Jones

I give up:
Matt Ryan
Jordan Wilkins
O.J. Howard

Thinking I want to do it. Can see Kerryon getting a lot more work. I think Ryan will have a good year, but I have Luck and hope to ride him all year so just need a QB for the bye week. Same with TE, I have Kittle so just need someone for bye week and think Seals-Jones could break out. Only reason I hesitate is because I also have Mack so I like having his backup since he is not playing yet. Little scary at RB since I also have Fournette who is hurt and Ingram who is not playing yet.

Other option I was thinking is instead of doing the trade, I drop Wilkins and pick up Phillip Lindsay.