Trade Help Please and Thanks!

PPR 10 Tm. Getting offered Murray and Fitzgerald for A.J. Green. My other receivers are Julio, Cooper, Hogan and Marvin Jones. My RBs are Cook, Mixon, Duke, and J. Stewart. Also have Kelce at TE. Need to bulk up a little more with RBs but is it worth giving up A.J. Green!?!?! I’m back and forth. Thanks for the advice footclan!

Since you have Julio, Cooper and Green (dont know how that happened), definitely trade for Murray. Youre getting a reliable PPR option in Fitz in return as well.

Right on thx

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yeah its a solid upgrade at RB for you… and youre not left hurting at WR at all…

Got to agree on pulling the trigger. You’re pretty stacked at WR and Murray will really help your RB situation.