Trade Help Please ASAP

IN: Kerryon, Diggs

Out: AB

Big Ben
Zeke, Shady, Thompson
AB, Keenan Allen, Cooks, Trequan Smith, Callaway


bump. really need some help because it is time sensitive. thanks

@MikeMeUpp any chance you have any advise on the trade?

i wouldnt do it.
You clearly need an RB for this team, but giving AB for kerryon is not enough for me.
AB is valuabe af, you can get something way better if your willing to trade him away

I think the trade is fair on paper, but I don’t see the big help of getting Diggs in this case, could it be possible that there is someone willing to trade a higher RB straight up for AB?

I think Cooks for Kerryon straight up is a far more fair trade.

Not sure I would part ways with AB.

cooks for kerryon and larry?

Cooks for Kerryon is a better trade in this case, definitely

No. I’d rather have AB than diggs + kerryon.