Trade help please. Bananas

I have OBJ, Julio, Kupp, Woods, Agholor, and Richardson. For RBs I have Barber, Penny, L. Murray, and Kerryon.

Another coach needs a WR and has McCaffery, Howard, Peterson, and Morris. It’s standard scoring which doesn’t make McCaffery as valuable, but would you trade either OBJ or Julio for Howard? Or wait it out and hope that Johnson/Penny emerge as starters in a couple of weeks?


Odell is out of the question.

Julio is so good and I’m not sure why he’s not used in the red zone more often. If he was used more often it’d be an auto no.

If you really want Howard, I’d ask for a decent WR on top.

Maybe one of my lower end WRs for Peterson?

Deft would be ok with that seeing how strong you’re top 3 receivers are.

Thank you

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Have you thought of going for a 2 for 1 like Julio for howard and peterson, you are definitely hurting at RB right now.

I’m expecting Peterson to wind down eventually so that would amount to a Julio for Howard trade. The line up for the league is 1rb, 1rb/wr, 1wr, 1wr/te, and 1te so I’ve always gone WR heavy in the drafts and it’s worked well (reigning #footclantitle) I’m a little nervous about giving up a stud WR when I am hopefully just looking for a bandaid until Kerryon emerges. Which he better JASON MOORE!

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Haha I agree on that Kerryon take, I am in the same boat. But if you are counting on peterson winding down and kerryon ramping up, you can eventually replace peterson with kerryon and tryt and flip him while he still has value. This way, you get a few W’s up front.

That is an interesting format though, so I see the WR value but I feel like you still need a cornerstone RB

Yeah, 100% agree with you that I need that RB, just hate giving up too much to get one. I floated Agholar for Peterson to him, we’ll see where that gets me and if he counters