Trade Help Please -- Chark/Terry/Mostert/Melvin G

I just got offered Chark and Melvin Gordon for McLaurin and Mostert.

My other RBs: Zeke, A Jones, McKissic, Pollard
My other WRs: A Robinson, Fulgham, Beasley, Gallup, plus Lazard on IR

Other team also has: RB – Montgomery, J Robinson, Gibson, Hasty, plus M Sanders on IR; WR – Woods, Golladay, Godwin, Slayton, plus Reagor on IR

Was thinking of a counteroffer asking for Woods instead of Chark, or maybe Hurst/McLaurin for Gordon and either Chark or Woods.

League is full PPR. What do you think? TIA

I would not take that, you have enough RBs that you can ride out Mostert being hurt. and I dont think Chark is an upgrade from McLaurin. I would be going after Golladay from him if anything. But honestly sounds like your team is pretty solid not sure you need to make the trade at all

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Thanks, certainly noted about the WRs – thinking he must know Mostert’s gonna go on IR and yet he still wants him, plus he’s offering Gordon, who if he doesn’t get suspended can play now (and even then, not likely sitting out long).

yeah but I would be surprised if there is no punishment for Gordon. Plus with Lindsay back he could end up in a timeshare.

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