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Trade Help Please! Going After Bell!


Going after Bell. The owner is 0-4 and desperate (I’m hoping). I’m thinking about offering Zeke, Alshon, and Palmer. It’s a full PPR and they don’t have anyone amazing at WR, zero QB depth(Carr and everyone is rostering two QBs so FA is a wasteland).
My other players are:
K. Allen
M Thomas
D Martin
D Freeman
TY Hilton

I know Zeke is great but this might be his last week with the suspension looming so it might be the last time he has value. Also I just don’t feel like dealing with the stress of the whole situation. If he ends up not getting suspended then oh well, I got Bell. I’m currently 4-0 so idk if I really need to make this move but I feel like I should go for it. Thoughts? Side note: its worth mentioning that i can only roster 2 RBs with no flex and must roster 3 WRs.


I would make the offer. I don’t think you’re hurting yourself much at any position and could potentially hit a home run. And it seems reasonable that he would accept your offer if he’s 0-4. One question: Is Watson available? In my league he’s had no bites, but that will change this week.


Watson is available which is why I’d have to make this offer today before waivers go through.


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