Trade help please! Hunt and Derrick Henry

Would you trade Hunt, Ted ginn jr, and Derrick Henry for Jordan Howard and Mark Ingram? My other RBs are Gordon and Kamara. Thinking about accepting because I need help at WR with Evans suspended and my WR1 right now is Dez (Who’s is questionable). I feel like I can flip Howard or Ingram or both for good receivers while still having gordon and Kamara. Just don’t know if its worth giving up Hunt, and Henry. And Ginn who is currently my WR2

I️ think Hunt has enough value to trade for a top flight WR. Hunt has great schedule coming up stress that to the owner

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I wouldn’t give Hunt that up personally. You already have Kamara and you would get Ingram. Granted they’re both top 15 RB’s I wouldn’t want them both. Hunt, Gordon and Kamara, that’s a good RB stack right there idk if i would mess with that. Evans I think will have a good rest of season. I’d see if you could stream the wire for now until he returns. I’m also a Dez owner and idk if he’ll play this week. His injuries are always shady. If your record is decent and you can afford a L or two then I’d keep it the way it is and play the wire. You could probably flip Kamara for a decent WR straight up and sleep on Hunt and Gordon.

I was thinking about it, and I think you are right. My receivers are Evans, Dez, Ginn jr, Corey Davis, and Dede Westbrook. If Dez doesn’t play Im starting either Davis or Westbrook this week. But I am 7-2 so I can afford a loss. Im just hoping Hunt picks it up after his bye

I don’t own Hunt in any leagues unfortunately. If I did though I wouldn’t be worried and I would 100 percent keep him. When I play teams with Hunt I get worried haha. He’ll produce.