Help. I am the commissoner of a league and want to know if I should veto this trade…

Team A: (Older experienced player)

  • JuJu
  • Duke Johnson
  • Calvin ridley


Team B: (First time playing 13 yo player)

  • Saquon barkley
  • Tyrell Williams
  • Curtis Samuel

Should I organize a veto for this?? I feel like Team A is absolutely taking advantage of Team B (a 13 year old in our family team league)

Its definitely lopsided in favor of team A. But broken down its essentially juju and duke for Barkley(which isnt enough for Barkley imo). and Tyrell and samuel for Ridley ( which I feel is somewhat fair). All in all I would say before going straight for the veto contact all of the teams in your league to make sure they know what is happening and then put it to a vote. This also depends on both teams needs and vetoing should be the very last resort usually only reserved for when there is collusion.


Older dude should be ashamed. I don’t support a veto but the guys needs to know it was a dick move.

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I like Ridley over Samuel, but would definitely prefer Barkley & Williams to Juju & Duke. It’s in favor of A for sure, but like dustin said, I’d look at each team. I’ll assume that A is in a position where Tyrell is a starter but Samuel isn’t, but if they upgraded B at both starting WRs and they still have 2 better RBs than Duke, it looks less bad. Not “good”, but less bad.

Also a learning experience. I take it jr. is a big JuJu fan?

Ufortunately, the league has many new members so I don’t think they really understand the situation…

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I would say to definitely go with as @dustin_mitchell suggested, that way at least everybody else in the league would be aware of it. That way at least everybody else in the league would have a chance to at least express their thoughts via email to the younger guy/gal trying to learn how this whole crazy world of FFB works!!!

Dustin’s quote:
All in all I would say before going straight for the veto contact all of the teams in your league to make sure they know what is happening and then put it to a vote.

Sorry @dustin_mitchell…messed up with the “quote” in the above comment. I’ve been here a long time and know how to post “quotes”…just really tired tonight. GRRRRR :roll_eyes:

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It’s a lopsided trade, but to be honest I’ve actually seen far worse in leagues with adults who’ve been playing for years. It’s frustrating and you know it’s gonna hurt you, but it is what it is. Plus it’s a good learning experience for the kid. We all have those stories from when we first started playing fantasy football. Hell in my family league my mom drafted travis kelce with the 6th overall pick, Patrick mahomes in the 2nd, aaron Rodgers in the 7th (it’s a 1 qb league) and somehow she’s in first place right now. I say live and learn, as long as it’s a redraft and there aren’t any long term consequences to consider

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It’s a bit lopsided… I’d personally reach out to the 13 year old first and make sure he understands what he’s doing. If he has any kind of real explanation for why he’s making the trade… let it pass.

Say for example he said “I’m worried about Barkley not seeing as many short passes now that Eli isn’t playing anymore and I think the Steelers are going to be down a lot and forced to throw and get Juju the ball a ton”. But if you ask him why he is doing that trade and he can’t really explain why, then I’d probably veto it.

The only reason I wouldn’t out right veto it is because it also kind of undermines the kid a bit. I get the idea of trying to publicly shame the adult but I feel like at 13 you don’t want to just go making decisions for him. It’s very possible he has some kind of reasoning for why he’s taking the trade and in that case I think it’s fine. As others have said, it’ll likely blow up his team and it will be a learning experience for him in future years.

I would also talk to the 13 y/o to ask him why he wanted to do the trade. I personally give a little grace to those new to fantasy football.

Another thought I just had on this is…vetoing this might also make the little guy/gal feel a little overpowered just because he/she is a young’n, and leave them feeling that they don’t have the same control over their team as the rest of the League does for this reason.

WOW…LOL…tough one here. The more I think about it, the more I tend to lean more in the direction of a lot of the others here and maybe just let it fly. Good experience for him/her and after all………EXPERIENCE is almost always the best teacher!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and @Khy WELCOME to the community my friend. Glad to have you join us!!! :handshake:

@lc1 Yeah that’s what I was sort of getting at in terms of asking the 13 year old first… fragile mind and all. If you just straight up veto it and then publicly shame the older dude, it’s going to make the 13 yr old feel like an idiot. Which I think would be worse than him making a bad trade.

I wouldn’t even lead him I’d just say “Hey man, saw the trade, giving up Saquon eh?” and just see what he says.

And thanks! Been a long long long time listener of the podcast, just never took the time to bother w/ the forums lol

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@Khy…NICE!!! I like your tact!!! :+1:

That kid’s looking like a genius right now

Never heard back whether the TRADE was allowed. If it was @smlevin75:+1::+1::+1:

Really curious as to how this whole thing played out @HabbaBabba.

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