Trade help please! Keenan Allen for

Hey all,
full point ppr 6pt QB TD
As a McKinnon victim, I’m not as deep at RB as I would like. Also, I am streaming QBs since everyone drafted two QBs and early. Someone is offering Jay Ajayi and Russell Wilson for Keenan Allen. I’m hesitant to give up Allen, but if I can get two safe starters I may go for it. Using an analyzer it put Mahomes/Jordan Howard as a closer fit. Either way, would you make a move, or hold tight on this roster? Screenshot attached…thanks!


Note: I also have S. Michel

I wouldn’t do it. Keenan has a season full of favorable match ups which I don’t think Ajayi will out score him. If Rodgers goes down again which his knee sprain looks to be healing slowly it might bring down Cobb’s value. I think you’re fine.