Trade help please…my Sterling Shepard+Dissly for his Ingram+Witten

I´ve been proposed this trade. Full PPR, 10 man. Rest of roster:
QB: Daniel Jones (had to drop Brees)
RBs: Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones, David Montgomery
WRs: Davante Adams (hurt), Sammy Watkins, Tyler Boyd, Christian Kirk (hurt), Stefon Diggs
TE: Dissly

I’m in panic mode sitting at 0-4…frustrated as hell with underperformers (like Tyler Boyd yesterday)

Should i pull the trigger??

Looks to me like you are weakest at WR right now with the injuries on your team. Trading for a better back wont help that. I see Montgomery getting better thin the next few weeks. is there a receiver you could grab over Ingram?

Hmm, i think he ain´t got any receiver worth right now…top is JuJu, then edelman, robinson, jackson and marvin jones
Maybe in this other trade, getting off Shepard and getting in Diggs? but yea again i got ya, im thin on wrs cause of the hurts :frowning:

If you could get Diggs in instead of Shepard maybe. You cant really count on a Minnesota WR at the moment. But I would definitely not trade away my WR in your position unless im upgrading at that position.

Got ya…maybe straight Dissly for Ingram, but i doubt he would take it