Trade help please! Need a WR

Hey FootClan,

So this year has been a tough one due to injury for me. I lost both OBJ and Aaron Rodgers in back to back weeks, oh and I have Fournette so this is my 2nd week without him. However i still have a winning record of 4-3. This is a QB driven league where there are points per completion. I was able to move Adrian Peterson for Dak Prescott. Now i’m in DESPERATE need of a WR, what are some trade ideas you guys may have? here is my roster:

yeah i know Stills is in my W/R spot :confused:

I think Doctson is poised for big second half, eventually emerging as cousins go to. 1st round talent in and offense that likes to throw, looking for someone to throw to, and has a very efficient passer. You could do a lot worse off the waiver. Also check to see if C Davis is on the waiver. Beyond that maybe Mike Williams pans out at LAC to he number 7 overall talent they projected him to be.


Thank you for the input

You’ve got some solid upside on your team, Shep and Doctson could be in for bigger target shares, DT is a WR2, and you start Amendola when healthy. No stud WRs, but you could be in worse shape man.