Trade Help Please - Selling Gronk

His production is low but his name has value.

Thinking of offering Gronk and J Howard (after two games in a row with a touchdown), for Landry.

I need a reliable WR3, I would then rely on Trey ROS, but at least their BYE week is over.



You are honestly giving up a lot for a WR there. I would offer Gronk straight for him first

I know the owner is stingy and needs an RB.

I also have Zeke, Sony, Mack, Chubb and Aaron Jones

Who is your other tight end?


I like that his BYE week is over

That’s not bad then I would maybe try to do 1 for 1 Jordan Howard landry or gronk for Landry as mentioned above but if not then I could live with this deal

I would try to trade Jones off of his good game. GB will not let him be the lead back for some reason even though he is miles ahead of everyone else