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Trade Help Please! TY for Evans


Who y’all like ROS? TY Hilton or Mike Evans?

Got a trade in the works but really the answer to whether I pull the trigger is whether Evans is enough of an upgrade over Hilton to lose Kerryon.

Trade would be Hilton/Kerryon for Evans/Crowell. I think other guy wins the trade but my RBs are Kamara, Gordon, Michel, Conner, Breida, And Miller. But I am pretty weak at WR, so really just looking for a WR upgrade.

QB: Big Ben
RB: Gordon, Michel, Conner, Kamara, Miller, Breida, Kerryon
WR: Hilton, Tate, Dez
TE: NJoku


I like Mike Evans hands down


Given your RBs I would do the deal. But you didn’t say how many RBs you can start.


I can start 3 RBs


Aim higher. Flip your better RBs into better WRs than Evans or Hilton tbh.


I would have to go Evans as well. He flopped last week of course…BUT…he’s been GOLD for me 5 out of the 8 weeks. (BYE-week 5). Yeah…had two bad weeks…but hey…he’s gotten me 148 pts over Hilton’s 83. PPR

Not sure what TB or IND has coming up ROS…haven’t had the chance to check the latest updated vegas rankings, so I might not be being a whole lot of help here. But…

AND…still have to wonder what the TB QB situation’s gonna be when it comes down to the final wire!!!


You suggesting I flip Michel or Breida instead? Or Kamara or Gordon bc I am not really interested in shipping out those two unless I get a huge package.


Nah don’t ship kamara or Gordon. But you can def trade Michel/Miller/Breida/Kerryon in some combo to get some WR upgrades. Michel is a low RB 1. Should get you a mid WR1.


This is why it’s so difficult to trade in most leagues.


Well @MikeMeUpp is right. The problem is that the roster is so unbalanced it’s pretty easy for any other trading partner to see. Other people know they have a chance to poach quality RB’s, because there’s so many on that roster that won’t be startable, @nwtraining needs to move them before the deadline, and Hilton is a weak WR1 with no WR depth behind him.


@nwtraining if you want a fair offer for one of your surplus RB’s, you need some leverage on a trading partner with WR depth. Or you need a desperate trading partner with some WR depth.


Thanks y’all! Solid advice.