Trade Help Please, WHIR

12 team PPR, lost Brees & Ben, any opinions on these potential trades would be greatly appreciated. Will help in return!

T. Brady for A. Hooper & G. Tate
L. Jackson for D. Waller & G. Tate

Feedback on either would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

IMO, Brady and Lamar will likely be within a handful or points of each other week in and week out… I don’t think that’s the case for Waller and Hooper… I like Waller to have a significantly better year than Hooper. Carr is peppering him with targets and he is a freakish athlete. Hold onto Waller if possible.

I agree with the above comment. Keep Waller if possible. I think that he’s definitely going to be a great te this year.

I like the trade for Brady better for you.