Trade Help please?!?

My Mixon for his Snead and Smallwood.

Mixon is getting like 23 touches now under Lazor. This one is tough for me.

I wouldn’t. He’ll get more volume than those two put together I believe.

I lean the mixon side just based on face value of the trade. Depends more on your current roster though. Mixon is trending up but so is Smallwood, and snead would be extra but I’m not confident in his current role in the offense.

Well currently I need recievers. I have Hunt and Ajayi as rb1 and 2. I also however have 2 eagles. Smallwood would he my 3rd eagle. I have ertz and jeffrey right now. The bengals offense is highly suspect but I cant ignore his volume so its a tough one

Nah, keep mixon then