Trade help please :)

Think this might be to good to be true… I have just been offered:

Todd Gurley and Davante Adams


Andrew Luck, Doug Martin and Lamar Miller

I am finding it hard to understand if it is good or bad for me :confused: (Standard) Below is my roster:


How many of each position do you start?

I need to have:

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K

But from the information given, I would pass. Gurley cant possibly keep that output up and Adams health is unknown at the moment. Carlos Hyde and Martin are also injury concerns and its always good to have depth there.

Your opponent is probably worried about what Obbie13jr is worried about. I like the trade…

The schedule gets tough, but Gurley has looked solid, and I think the Rams are legitimately better this year on offense than they were getting credit for to start he season. L. Miller has been doing good, and I think Martin will as well, but they will be mid-high end RB2 with the possibility of RB1. I think Gurley has a better chance for RB1.

Miller has a great schedule coming up and CLE in 2 weeks. check in to the other players. You also don’t need 3 QBs. If you have Watson and Cousins…I’m not necessarily betting on Luck.

I know about the 3 QB’s literally just picked up as cousins is on a bye

And i’m trying to figure if it is worth the risk at the moment …

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For sure…I believe in the potential of Gurley. See what the guys say in today’s podcast/show

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I wouldn’t do it. Gurley is approaching a gauntlet and you will never start Adams over Nelson or Adams and Nelson at the same time. Moreover, I would never give up 2 starting RB’s for 1 starting RB. You’ve hung on to Luck and Martin this long, don’t bail now.