Trade Help - Please!

A Cooper
N Chubb



Decline. I’d rather have Chubb than Landry, personally. Cooper is a wild card that may explode for you. At the surface the trade isn’t bad for you, but the upside is on his side of this trade.

That’s my hesitation of Cooper becoming relevant.

My other Rbs are decent with Zeke, Mack, Sony, A Jones and J Howard…

We should probably know your entire roster before saying definitively though.

Yeah you can do better than this trade. If you’re weak at WR, you have the RB depth to make a better move than this. I’m crazy deep at RB and packaged Mack and J Brown for Juju, as an example today. Also had an offer to send Diggs and Mack for Hopkins. Go for a bona fide bad ass.

My WRs:

Diggs, M Thomas, Watkins, Crabtree, Cooper and Godwin.

We start 3 Wrs + Flex

The T Hill owner, let’s see his roster.

Hes got

CMC, Kamara, P Lindsay.

Hill, K Allen, J Gordon, C Kupp

Pretty weak bench

I’d try to package Watkins and Mack or Howard CMC, Allen, Gordon or Kupp. 2 for 1 him. 2 less superiors is almost always the worst end of a trade for a single more superior.

Better yet, see if you could package Zeke and Watkins for Kamara.

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Not sure he would want two KC WRs though.

It’s a pretty serious handcuff and a major sell high. Hill is hurt and Watkins is going to be a serious beneficiary. He has to be a handcuff addition to a package deal. Not only is health a concern for Hill owners, the Chiefs clinching early is also a consideration. Watkins for this reason has some value down the stretch for Hill owners, if sold properly.

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Even if none of these particular trades work out, I hope you get my drift. Use your RB depth and create packages to go after some big fish.

Ya just trying to find which WRs are worth going after for a deal that makes sense to both owners.