Trade help! pleaseee!

I am in a 1/2 PPR league (12 man) and I have a chance to do a trade:

I have Andrew Luck and Joe Mixon to trade for an opponents Deshaun Watson and golden Tate.

I also have Lynch,David Johnson, Kerryon Johnson, clement as my RBs so I think I will be ok if I lose mixon.

WRs are Sammy Watkins, Allen Robinson, Keelan Cole, Desean Jackson, and Nelson Agholor.

DO you think this is a good trade? I really do want Watson as my QB and this is what I can do…

I would for sure look for more wrs but not that way.
yea luck isnt amazing but watson isnt so hot either.
also golden tate is on a offense with 2 other great wrs

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I actually think it’s a solid trade for both teams. Watson looked like he was knocking the rust off last week and Luck threw the ball over 20 yards a whopping one time. They both have decent ceilings if healthy, but I think Watson is closer to it than Luck.

I think Mixon is a better asset than Tate, but the injury makes him a question mark. Tate will get volume scoring so in the format you have that going for you.

I personally WOULDN’T do the trade, because I value Mixon far higher than the rest of those players you named, but I’d hardly fault you for making the deal.

I had Watson during the “Glory days” last year and I miss him. Granted might be hard for him to repeat but he gives it all out there and can run/throw/ and take games into his hands…he just needs the finish

It is hard to see Mixon go but the WR depth does help me out, even with a stacked receiving core team.

I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel I had strong Backs, but DJ is the one who is up in the air and could make losing Mixon hurt.

I see your points, but I think I am leaning yes…

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