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Trade Help pleaseeeeee


Hey could you help me out here I’m in the midst of a trade here and I’m in a 2qb league with 0.5 ppr

So I give Drew Brees, Alshon Jeffery, Tarik Cohen

For Brandon Cooks, Melvin Gordon, Kirk Cousins

What do you guys think, Thanks a ton


Yeah I would take that. Cooks and gordon are elite, whereas the guys you’re giving up are risky plays every week (except for brees).


I agree. I’d consider it an upgrade at 2 positions (RB and WR) and even the Brees for Cousins part doesn’t look bad. Cousins often starts slow, but I expect him to pick it up soon enough.


Don’t think I’ve ever heard Cooks and elite in the same sentence. Save for his speed.


I agree I would take this as well if I needed help at WR.


Don’t be fooled by his numbers, cooks is most definitely an elite wr. Hope you took the trade.


I’d take that deal


Yes, don’t be fooled by his stats that determine if he is actually elite or not.


definitely hope you accepted that trade…

help with mine please…


i will make that trade too…