TRADE HELP PLS, i should take this right?

I got offered Dalvin Cook, Aaron Rodgers, Christian Kirk and Darwin Thompson
Nick Chubb, Curtis Samuel, and Nicole Hardmen.

I should take this right???

PLZ don’t accept that

Wait which players are yours

How many team league? You got Aaron Jones and Lat Murray on your bench?

Sorry, getting back to your question, you’re giving up a slightly better (and safer) RB, getting back a slightly better (but riskier) WR, and getting a top 5 QB for your troubles? And one of the top handcuffs? I’d lean towards accepting.

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Definitely accept I was thinking u were the one giving up Aaron rodgers. That trade seems like highway robbery for u lol

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I’d take that

Take it now and run. Not sure what the other person is thinking offering that…

Cause personally I think chubb for cook is pretty much swapping players honestly

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Plus u don’t have to worry about that Kareem hunt nonsense later on

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12 teams. And yeah it was an auction league. I traded for Latavius and Tyler Boyd.

I’d take it.
Chubb and Cook is relatively even, you pick up a top 3 qb, Hardman may or may not pop this year but he’s far enough down that it’s whatever, but i think Thompson is what seals the deal for me.
If you have Williams and plan on using him then you need Thompson. He’s the handcuff and Williams has never been a FT for an entire season.

Accept it before they take it down.