Trade Help pls!

Would it be dumb to trade Amari Cooper and Derrick Henry for Josh Gordon?

Hmm I dunno if if would be dumb. josh has a ton of upside but we haven’t seen it yet but Dion Lewis seems to be the back in Tenn and Amari, ugh don’t get me started.

I think it is a risky reward if my team was good in depth I might do it

This is my team for full context

Looking at your team I would do it. You have enough depth where you might not even start cooper or Henry anyways.

I think thats too much for Gordon. But I understand the frustration with Cooper to pull the trigger on that but again its too much.

Henry for Gordon seems right,

I agree it’s a lot but if you look at this team it won’t reallt hurt him and if he goes off it’s a win. I think Henry is going to be a bust if someone offered me Henry for Gordon I’ll say no but we all have our opinions.

Amari I have had in a dynasty league since he was a rookie I always have faith this is his year. I have been saying that for what 3 years now lol. Trying to have faith it was just the corners of the Rams this time around. Lol

Haha yea I feel ya, I just think Henry will be fine, he had a huge run called back on some bs and that game was so weird due to weather I think he will be fine.

Yea with his roster he’ll be fine but I’d still offer Henry straight up to see if it works then throw in an add-on if need be, its just good negotiating.

Haha I like your style. Start small and offer the one for one

haha cant be giving aways assets when you dont have too.