Trade help plz :)

should i trade emmaunel sanders for tevin coleman in a standard league?
my rb: chubb, arron jones, mark ingram, sanders

my wr: sutton, micheal thomas, juju, golden tate, emmanunel sanders

I would do that if you receive Coleman

Great time to pick up Coleman, they still play Arizona twice (Weeks 9 & 11), 49ers are past their bye, and they have a playoff run ahead of them so it’ll be all hands on deck.

I don’t think so. Sanders should be a stud. I don’t love coleman. Brieda is still involved. Especially since it’s not a ppr.

yes, and I’m a Niners fan so I love both guys lol

Coleman is our favored RB, and guaranteed 15 touches a game (carries + passing). He’s a lock for consistent points. Sanders will have some good games, but not as regular as Coleman. Plus you’re set at WR (sutton getting a boost).

Go for it

Get coleman for sure. Goal line work

He’s a great WR, but we don’t target 1 guy a lot, and his presence will finally open up some opportunities for our younger guys. Coleman is our guy, and will get lots of touches every week, whereas Sanders might only get a few looks. Sanders has the chance of bigger games sometimes, but TeCo is steady and reliable

Thanks I did the trade