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Trade Help plzz


New to fantasy football should i trade Todd Gurley for Antonio Brown.
I just lost OBJ for the season and am realy low on good Wr. Half point ppr


Would help to know the rest of your team.

But my initial reaction… if the Antonio Brown owner goes for it, then yes I would do that.


at WR i have Golden tate, Mike Wallace and Kenny Stills.
at RB i have Marshawn Lynch, LeGarrette Blount, Doug Martin and Todd Gurely


It looks like you need some WR help, so, as it stands now, I personally would do the trade.

But what’s the other team look like?

If you are worried about losing Gurley, you could try packaging Blount, Lynch, or Martin and getting a decent WR back. You might not get Antonio but if he has a decent WR2 that he’d part with for one of those backs, it would still help your WR depth and you wouldn’t have to lose Gurley.