Trade Help PLZZZ

.5PPR 14 team League

Give David Johnson and James Conner
Get Dalvin Cook, McCaffery, and Shepard

I feel like DJ is a little expensive in this… but thoughts?

No sir. In my opinion I would stay right where you’re at. D.J. Is gonn do well and Conner is playing his ass off and no one knows if bell will return. Plus if you get three for two, now you gotta drop another dude. Keep what you got bro


@jisubi is this redraft or Dynasty?
If redraft, I would keep DJ and Conner. If dynasty, Dalvin and CMC are very tempting.


See if he’d do Connor for cook or cmc straight up lol
I got Kareem Hunt for Connor I think you gotta good shot

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It’s just a .5PPR Redraft. Yea… I"m thinking DJ is too expensive.

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