Trade help pretty please

14 Team PPR

A guy is wanting to trade me Russell Wilson and Odell Beckham Jr. for Allen Robinson and Ronald Jones. That would leave me with Golladay, ODB and Keenan Allen as my top WRs and Miles Sanders, Edwards-Helaire and Dobbins as my top RB’s. What do yall think?

So if i’m reading this right you’re getting the Russel Wilson/OBJ side, and you’re giving up Robinson and RoJo. Who’s you’re current QB is my first question which would play into this, cause id be leaning to taking it, I think Sanders/CEH will be stable RB starters for you, and the upside of Dobbins is great, yeah you’ll need to find another Back for depth, but you could probably use Keenan Allen and your current QB to trade for someone.

I like OBJ this season, and think he’s gonna have a serious bounce back season, and I’ve never been a fan of Robinson so this may be biased. But I do think RoJo is in for a good season as well

But all that to me hinges on your current QB for me. If he’s a drastic downgrade to Russ then I’d be in. But if he’s a lateral move I don’t think the trade is worth it to you.

Hope this helps.

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I’m on the Arob, Rojo side. 14 team there are 0 RBs available at all on waivers very valuable to have the deapth you have.

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Yeah I guess I’m just concerned about having Tannehill as my qb haha.

I like the trade for you. I like OBJ this year and, although Rojo has value now, not sure what that will look like at the end of the season. Dobbins could be the starter by then.

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Is there any RB pickups on waivers that you could pull off? i realize it’s 14 team but wasn’t sure who would be left at that point. Maybe you could say the top 3 remaining RB’s on waivers and that would give us an idea of what you could do to provide some depth for the team, because if there’s a dart-throw option available i think i’d take the trade, Sanders and Edwards are an acceptable 1 and 2, and your WR core would be so strong. Plus Russ is a pretty nice upgrade over Tannehill

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah my current QB is Ryan Tannehill. I’m really concerned he’s gonna have some serious regression. I just have a tough time trusting he will do well for me.

I will have Tevin Coleman, Latavius Murray along with CEH and Sanders for my RBs.

I will have OBJ, Golladay, Keenan Allen, Diontae Johnson and Brandon Aiyuk for my WRs.

Currently Chris Thompson, Nyheim Hines and Gio Bernard are the top 3 backs available. Devonta Freeman is also available if that counts for anything :smile:

Didn’t realize you also had Coleman, you could easily drop Tannehill, pick up Thompson, run Sanders and Edwards as RB1 and RB2, Coleman can backup/fill in for bye weeks and you have Thompson as a dart throw PPR RB and Dobbins could take over later in the year.

You get to upgrade at QB, WR, and basically just lose a smidge of depth at RB. Would take the trade if it were me.

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I personally feel like it would be a downgrade at WR. I like Allen Robinson, especially if Nick Foles takes the starting job. But who knows? :man_shrugging:

Yeah obv all speculation, but i generally agree with the other poster’s that think that OBJ is going to have a bounce back year. We already know he’s a phenomenal receiver, he’s healthy this year (dealt with an injury most of last year), has a better chemistry with Baker and the reports out of camp so far are that he’s killing it.

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