Trade help! - Price of Gordon (pics)

He needs some pieces and I need an upgrade. Full PPR. What do you think about:

Kittle + Lynch + Adams
to get Melvin Gordon

My roster:


His roster (seems he’s not paying much attention but will still win this week)


I’ve been struggling at QB too, and this league hoards them, so waivers are slim. Unfortunately I don’t see a trade that makes sense there. May be able to try Kittle/Adams for Watson.

I’d go after a QB first, probably from a different team that will actually pay attention to your trade. Unless you want to roll with Baker, which I don’t think is unreasonable, albeit risky. Don’t go shaking up your whole squad so quickly though. Your team is awesome and you have a ton of season long bench riders who are excellent and would probably be perfect trade bait to another team.

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Appreciate it. Tilting some after going 1-3 and striking out all 4 weeks on QBs. Figured Kittle going off today was a good sell high opportunity even though it’s hard to let go of that option on my team. I may be able to target the Cobb owner with Adams to get Rivers. Slight chance I can try and pounce on Brees’ low game from the guy who also has Goff, but I’ll have to figure out what he might even need from me.