Trade Help quick for today!

Ok so my last trade got vetoed that almost screwed me lol.
Now I’m thinking about trading Drew Brees and either Doug Martin or AP for Russel Wilson. I lost Watson and the other championship contender has Wentz so I need an explosive QB. What do you guys think? My other RBs are Zeke, McCoy, and Gurley so I’m stacked in that position.

Russell definitely has the upside because his team can’t run the ball.

I would get rid of Martin between the two. I think he has the least value among all your RBs.

I would agree to get rid of doug but I don’t see that the other party going through with that. If they do, great!

What about the trade with AP? He is much more interested in that trade, how do you guys feel about that? I also have Morris in my bench in case Zeke goes down so there are options.