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Trade help quick!


PPR I have Brate and Hyde
He has zeke

I have McFadden and I also have Ertz (Will never use brate until bye)

Would you make this trade? Brate & Hyde for Zeke?


Yes… Do it quick


Depends on your rb depth. If you can afford for zekes suspension to go through, can you play other rbs?


if you are sitting good at like 5-1 or 6-0 yes, if not I wouldn’t just in case. If its a keeper league then I would do it for sure though.


I have McKinnon and Doug Martin. I also have McFadden stashed for when and if Zeke misses 6


I am 2-4… Cant pull wins together


Idk if I would want McFadden or Alf, but with the other 2 I would for sure do that.


Big Believer in McFadden over Alf. I think if Zeke misses Alf stays the same and McFadden gets Zeke’s spot. I heard an interview with Jerry Jones and he said the reason they are keeping McFadden healthy is because he is a similar runner to Zeke.


He just isn’t someone I would want to rely on, but with your other RB you wouldn’t have toi