Trade help quick!

PPR I have Brate and Hyde
He has zeke

I have McFadden and I also have Ertz (Will never use brate until bye)

Would you make this trade? Brate & Hyde for Zeke?

Yes… Do it quick

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Depends on your rb depth. If you can afford for zekes suspension to go through, can you play other rbs?

if you are sitting good at like 5-1 or 6-0 yes, if not I wouldn’t just in case. If its a keeper league then I would do it for sure though.

I have McKinnon and Doug Martin. I also have McFadden stashed for when and if Zeke misses 6

I am 2-4… Cant pull wins together

Idk if I would want McFadden or Alf, but with the other 2 I would for sure do that.

Big Believer in McFadden over Alf. I think if Zeke misses Alf stays the same and McFadden gets Zeke’s spot. I heard an interview with Jerry Jones and he said the reason they are keeping McFadden healthy is because he is a similar runner to Zeke.

He just isn’t someone I would want to rely on, but with your other RB you wouldn’t have toi