Trade Help Quickly Please!

I was offered Kerryon, Dion, Doug or Larry for AB and Shady
14 team Standard League

My Team:

Big Ben
Zeke, Shady, Thompson, Rod Smith, Penny, Ivory
AB, Keenan Allen, Cooks, Anthony miller

I feel like this would help me a lot at RB and flex.
Thoughts Foot Clan?

Any thoughts on the trade? Your advice has been great for me so far

This is a hell no… you have great 3 WRs to make up your WR 1, 2 and flex. You have zeke plus one of the plethora to make up your RBs.

Feel like I would keep AB and counter with maybe Brandin cooks or even Allen.
I wouldn’t take anything lower than a low level RB1 for AB.

No lol. As much as I like Kerryon, you basically got offered a average to below average trash after that for a top 3 WR.

Do not accept trade. I like Shady for the rest of the season. But if you have to have a dub this week then trade only AB for kerryon and Doug Martin. If your already set for the playoffs start Cooks, AB and Keenan with Shady and Zeke ROS

Big no. I’d try a counter offer of Shady for Kerryon tho

NO WAY. That is unfair.