Trade Help - RB


Need some trade advice, looking at trading the following:

Give Bell
Get Deshaun Watson and Melvin Gordon.

My other RB is Damien Williams with Kerryon injured. My other QB is Matt Ryan and Sam Darnold.

any chance you can get a slightly better rb than gordon back with it. thats a tough spot to be in but bell has what seems to be a lot of value ros so i think id shop him for something a little better

Thanks for the reply. He has Chubb and Gurley but I think he wants to get rid of Gordon.

I’m a little skeptical on Gordon as well, but it is a keeper league.

The keeper league makes a big difference but i still dont love gordon long term that much either. He could end up getting traded which would throw it all in the air. This team the only trade partner available?

Ideally if he gets traded it is better for next year. Right now it’s the only offer on the table as I haven’t made Bell available. It is just hypothetical right now and neither of us have sent a trade proposal.

I mean you need to make a move for sure because williams hasnt been anything either. Whats your waiver like is ty johnson there to replace kerryon. Id be looking there and at some other rosters in the league to try and get a little more but if you really cant its not the worst trade ive ever seen or anything

Ty Johnson got taken off waivers today. Top RB on the waiver wire right now is Burkehead, Peterson and Walton.

I’m fielding offers for Jamaal Williams and trying to get Derrick Henry as part of a package.

If I don’t make the trade, I’ll probably try next week for Marlon Mack or Ingram. I like Watson, just hesitant on Gordon.

outside of williams i like all of those more than gordon

So you think I should just stand pat?

Tough to just roll with Williams but without the full team or having other offers i mean i guess

Full team is:

Damien Williams
Matt Ryan

DeSean Jackson
Tyler Boyd
Ravens (went to drop them for Ty Johnson)
O.J Howard

id shop McLaurin maybe boyd get a average rb2 maybe hyde or like coleman something in that range if you think anyone else values williams package him in it

Yeah I’m currently trying Williams and McLaurin for RB’s. Waiting for people to get back to me.

Thanks, I think I won’t trade Bell.

I would not make that trade. Your two QB will be fine and you should be happier with Bell RoS after this next week or so. Get Henry if you can in the other trade and if you can swing Mack that would be great!

I ended up trading McLaurin and Damien Williams for Derrick Henry. Told the guy after that trade that I was keeping Bell.

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I like that for you. Losing McLaurin will hurt, but I think over the season you will be happy with Henry and you do have Boyd to easily fill in that WR slot.

Yeah, I didn’t like to give up McLaurin but I have Boyd and Jackson whenever he is healthy. It’s a big upgrade at RB for me.