Trade help - RBs for Gronk

I’d like to trade one or more of my RBs for Gronk, but I’m not sure who to offer. Please let me know what you guys think. 10-man .5 PPR league.

My RBs are: Alvin Kamara, Melvin Gordon, Joe Mixon, Dion Lewis, Kerryon Johnson, Alfred Morris, and Matt Breida.


Who’s your TE?

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O.J. Howard is my TE.

The rest of my team is:
Kirk Cousins
Stefon Diggs
Doug Baldwin
Alvin Kamara
OJ Howard
Joe Mixon
Dion Lewis
Allen Robinson
Kerryon Johnson
Cooper Kupp
Alfred Morris
Matt Breida
Will Lutz

The other guy has poor RB depth. Who should I offer?

If I was him, it would have to include either Kamara or Gordon. If I was you, I wouldn’t give up either if those guys for a TE. Gronk is fun to own but he’s not worth it.


I say Mixon and Morris.

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As a gronk owner I wouldn’t even give this a second thought. Mixon and diggs and you may give them something to think about but he pretty much would walk Kamara or gordon as glenner said

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You don’t think trading Diggs would hurt me too much in the WR department?

I have Gronk as well and if it was me i’d be after Gordon or Kamara but as a few have said i don’t think it’s worth it.

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I think I’ll take the advice I’m hearing and skip out on this trade. Thanks, everyone!

I think some combo of Mixon + Morris or Breida could get a convo started tbh. Especially if he is poor on RBs.

Wouldn’t do Diggs + Mixon, that’s way too much.

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Come to think of it, if hes desperate for RB’s, maybe fire out Mixon and Howard for Gronk?

I mean i wouldn’t take that but maybe hes desperate.