Trade Help! - Saquon for Chubb & Evans

Full PPR. I give up Quadzilla for Chubb and Mike Evans.

My team:
QB - Wilson
RB - Barkley, Gordon, McCoy, D. Williams, Gallman, Murray, Walton
WR - Lockett, Fitz, Thielen, Woods, Beasley
TE - Hooper


Not unless you think you can flip another receiver for an RB. The trade doesn’t help your RBs. Even in bad matchups Barkley gets a lit of touches

What are your thoughts on Ty Johnson or Edmonds? I know I can get one of those two, but I would have to give up Lockett or Thielen. I can try and get one of those two backs and Ridley? or just keep my team the same. I am 4-3

Edmonds might be the better back since we’ve seen him play well the last few weeks. We also haven’t seen Ty johnson yet to really know what he can do. I’d rather give thielen up because of his hammy. That could linger on for a month.

So try and trade thielen for Edmonds and Ridley if I can get it?

If you can do it