Trade help should I deal Kerryon!

Would you trade McCaffrey and Kerryon for Hopkins with Melvin gordon and Gurley on my team as well

Whose your wr

I’m wondering the league rules, but most likely I would make that trade. Your trading great and unknown for great and great.

If you’re the one getting Hopkins and Gordon you are getting a steal and i would do that right now. If you look at draft value alone its 2nd and a 6th for pretty much 2 1st rounders

pretty sure he’s only getting hopkins and Gordon/Gurley are already on his team. Either way I’d still make that trade, giving up a little depth for guy who’s top 3 at his position. This is what waiver wires are for

That’s what I was thinking thanks guys! It’s actually a keeper league where I am keeping Gurley for a first and Gordon for a 5th I’m offering my early second and a 6th to move up into the first and there are only 2 teams with a first

I mostly used Kerryon as an example