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Trade help STAT


I’m in a 2 keeper half point PPR league with 2 WR 2 RB and a flex and an interesting trade that is in the works. I would like to trade Demarius thomas and Shady for Zach Ertz and Melvin gordon. He wants me to bump it up to either Tyreek Hill or Stef Diggs, should i budge on this? I have no TE to speak of at all and hes saying that melvin is a big upgrade from shady making the trading of a potential WR1 for a top 3 TE worth it. Im hesitant because despite depth at WR, I also have Martavis Bryant on the bench, im worried Shady boucnes back and could outperform melvin. Thoughts?


Getting ERTZ would be a huge boost to your team. But i don’t think giving up 3 pieces like that in a keeper league is a smart move. I’d look to get another small piece if he wants you to add. Or some other players to get just ERTZ and not Gordon


No way. Ertz is a nice TE, but he’s not Gronk. He’s not close, actually. I’m not throwing in a WR1/high end WR2 in addition to upgrading his RB.


So yall think that Shady is an upgrade to melvin? I love shady but I think with the team in tank mode Gordon continues to outperform Mccoy and hes younger so the keeper potential is great


I think that if you can make the trade: DT and shady for Ertz and Gordon I would do it in a heartbeat (not sure how keeper league works but Ertz and Gordon are young talents + Diggs and Hill are also very good young talent)


Ah. I forgot about the keeper aspect. That does make a difference from the perspective of Shady vs Gordon.


however, if he wants a 3 for 2 tell me to go suck it. This is what i would say: “I can stream a decent TE, ertz is good but chill. Shady is Shady no need to say anything else and Gordon is good but young and has some weird injuries in the past weeks. Take it or leave it.”


Yea there’s no 3 for 2 aspect involved. His ultimatum is Tyreek or Diggs with Shady for Gordon and Ertz. I think im gonna pull the trigger on it cause it locks down my TE spot and possibly upgrades this season and future seasons at RB and my WR depth can hold up from this.


So do i send Diggs or Hill? initial thought would be diggs as hes at risk for more inconsistent play than Hill but I am 0-3 so its tought to see the blow up ability walk away


I’d personally trade Diggs