Trade help time sensitive

Would you give up Kelce for A.Jones and Kitle

not unless your hurting at rb. whats your roster? ppr?


Conner, Chubb, Cook , Kerryonn and Bell who will be dropped.

Tough man. Personnally, I think I would accept the trade. Kittle is the main Target in SF.

It all depends on how you view Kerryon and Cook. If you feel comfortable putting each into the flex spot, don’t do it.

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Good points. Was also thinking week 12 bye for Kelce but when I drop Bell I could grab a TE off waiver wire I guess.

I would lean towards yes, make the trade. Kittle is up there as a TE, plus you get Jones that has been flashing.

Tough call as hate giving him up and they play Oakland week 17 which is our playoff finals if I get there but by that point KC may not need him.