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Trade help tonight!(Trade Gordon?)


Sending: Melvin Gordon, Sterling Shepard, and Derrick Henry
Getting: Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara
PPR league
My bench: Matt Breida and Derrick Henry


Whos on the rest of your team bc how it stands now I would not do this trade. You’d be selling Gordon really low


Davante Adams, kelvin Benjamin, Doug Baldwin, Carlos Hyde, Kyle Rudolph, and Paul Richardson


agree that you’re selling low on gordon


What if it was just Shepard and Gordon. Still selling to low?


agree with everyone, not getting enough back for Gordon


No way jose


Bad trade. You’re giving away a RB1 and (by default) a WR1 on NYG for 2 guys in a timeshare. Yes it’s a better trade with PPR involved but not nearly good enough


Don’t get rid of Gordon, i probably wouldnt even trade Gordon alone for McCaffery and Kamara.


agree with everyone here. Gordon is averaging 16.1 Christian and Alvin are averaging 11 PTS in PPR leagues. Essentially if you make this trade, you are saying the rest of your roster isn’t very good and that you can’t replace the difference of 6 points (22-16) and need Christian and Alvin. However, if your bench is decent and you can replace that 6 points … don’t touch the trade.