Trade Help-trade away ceedee lamb for Emmanuel Sanders and Parris Campbell?

Do I do this? Not sure I will even start either sanders or Campbell but the depth sounds nice. Could even maybe get diggs instead of sanders. Current WR core is: Hopkins, Mclaurin, Hollywood brown, ceedee lamb, Golden Tate

I would do that for sure. Both Sanders and Campbell have solid season long outlooks in my opinion, while Lamb will get his fair share but is behind 2 stud receivers.

I would not. With Jarwin gone, I’d expect Lamb to get plenty of work to be a weekly flex play and is much more likely to be playable than those other 2 in my opinion. If Cooper or Gallup goes down, he suddenly becomes a WR2 option. I like Sanders and Campbell but given your current depth what are the odds they crack your lineup? Typically you want quality over quantity in trades, and to me Lamb is far above the other 2 in outlook.

If you could get Diggs I would pull the trigger on that.

pulled the trigger and got Diggs and Campbell out of it. Pretty happy with it. Now I’m trying to flip DJ and Mclaurin for Jonathan Taylor

Another angle to analyze the trade from is the fact that you would be trading one roster spot for two. Generally I like to be on the trading 2 players side of a 2 for 1 deal. You could try to package Lamb with someone else to upgrade to a higher tier WR or RB.