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(Trade Help) Trade Pierre Garcon/Tevin Coleman for Marshawn Lynch/Amari Cooper?


Should I trade Pierre Garcon and Tevin Coleman for Marshawn Lynch and Amari Cooper. Not sure what to do with this one? It is a Standard 10 person league.

My Fantasy team:
QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB1: LeSean McCoy
RB2: Carlos Hyde
WR1: Demaryius Thomas
WR2: Stefon Diggs
TE: Kyle Rudolph
FLEX: Joe Mixon
DEF: Arizona Cardinals
K: Justin Tucker

Bench (Currently):
Kelvin Benjamin (WR)
Pierre Garcon (WR)
Randall Cobb (WR)
Tevin Coleman (RB)
Corey Davis (WR)
Jamaal Charles (RB)

Thanks and appreciate any advice! Currently 0-3 and working towards that first win.


I would trade for Marshawn and Amari :smile:


I might actually take it. I still believe Marshawn is a solid running back, even though I may not play him against Denver’s DEF next week. However, I’m still not sure if Cooper would be better than Garcon at the moment.

Thanks for the input!


Absolutely make that trade, Coleman is a flex player with limited touches and while I love Garcon expect Cooper to rebound big especially with Crabtree’s injury.


Crabtree’s injury does seem to benefit Cooper. Appreciate the info on the injury, wasn’t aware of Crabtree.