Proposed a trade
Asking for Adam theilin and offering Jarvis Landry and Jared cook

Note: the team has 1 TE and it’s Cameron Brate
Fair offer or should I offer more?

It’s definitely not a fair offer, because Thielen is the #1 receiver in fantasy . . . but by all means, if the guy is that desperate for a TE, see if you can low ball him.

But I would probably start a little bit higher than that. He might just be too offended to keep negotiating :stuck_out_tongue:

ummmm, just a little more.

Also I would say no to this if you offered me Landry and Gronk.

You would need to send an RB1/2 like White, Michel, CMC or Breida and WR like Ridley, Lockett or Golladay

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Great for you if you get it, but I highly doubt it.

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As a thielen over I’d laugh at this offer and then not negotiate with you any further lol that’s a terrible offer. But by all means if ya get it go for it

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Well I just see it as baker mayfield and Jarvis have a great couple weeks coming up against the worst defenses. Plus this guys has sat theilin 3 times this year!
Noting that he only has brate and Jarvis has good matchups going forward it might be a decent trade considering cook is a decent to above average right end at times.
Thanks for the feedback everyone

This is a joke offer. Doesn’t even deserve a response tbh.

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Only in an extreme situation could you even offer something like that. I made an offer I thought would be turned down for Julio Jones that included: Landry, Rudolph and Smallwood(he drafted Ajayi).

My trade partner’s team was decimated by injuries and the bye week were he couldn’t field a full team in addition to needing the win this week to have a chance this year. I spent at least an hour looking up and down his roster and made an offer I felt improved both teams.

Adam Thielen should be priced even higher than Julio currently.

This is a good fleecing for JJ.

Like I said I thought it would be rejected, but his team was in a tough spot.

No I field a WR corps of: 3WR + flex
Adam Thielen
Julio Jones
Mike Evans
Juju Smith-Schuster

Not really. Guy doesn’t ever even play theilin it’s a joke to have him sit him on he bench. He needs a TE and Landry is going to have big weeks but I offered CMC and Jared cook for theilin so including Landry I’m hoping that gets a better look into

CMC + cook is a good offer. Landry + Cook is an absolute joke. Cook is trash. Always has been. And i love landry and like his prospects with the upcoming schedule but he’s not that close to theilen at all. Doesn’t really matter what the guy does. If he isn’t playing Thielen, that’s on him for being an idiot.

Doesn’t change the fact that the Landry + Cook offer was way off the mark.

I think CMC + Landry is too much. TBH, I think CMC is a stud and view him as such for rest of the season. He is like a top4-5 RB in my eyes. If I was a thielen owner and someone offered my CMC, unless I was RB rich, I would take that deal.

He needs a back badly I can tell. I have Saquon, Connor and mark Ingram already.
I plan to offer CMC and Jared cook for theilin