Trade help! Trying to upgrade

Should I try going after Kelce? I have Gronk rn and was going to offer Gronk and a RB because the Kelce owner just lost Cook till week 11. He has Watson also, if you think I should would u trade Gronk and Hyde or AP for Kelce? Or would u trade Chubb and Gronk?

Also, would you try trading for Saquon? I have Kamara but Saquon is getting all of the work rather than Kamara losing snaps to Ingram, if so would u trade Kamara and Edelman? Or is that not enough?

We meet again :stuck_out_tongue: Kelce is the TE to have in the league. If the owner is worth his salt he wont trade him unless its an offer too good to refuse. Gronks name is only gonna get you so far. With the back injury showing up again that devalues him a lot. Honestly If you are expected to make Playoffs i would keep Gronk for now. Alot of KC offense will be sititing on the bench when it comes time for Fantasy playoffs. Just like last year. Where as NE may still need to try hard during those weeks.

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What about players like AP Chubb and Hyde? Would u trade them away to upgrade RBs or just keep them for depth? I was thinking maybe AP and Hyde or Chubb for an RB1ā€¦

Ya if you can trade up those players go for it. the Hyde situation is hard to figure out because fournette will be back soon. so it will be by committee

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Trade him for Jared Cook? Iā€™m trying to add a good TE just in case Gronk misses any time with his back injury