Trade help - TY + RB for Tom Brady

I offered TY and Demarco for Tom Brady to the Eagles fan who has Carson Wentz. He countered with TY and Aaron Jones for Brady.

My Team
QB - Dalton/Brisset
RB - Freeman, Kamara, Jones, Demarco, Tevin Coleman, TyMont, Derrick Henry
WR (start 3) - Michael Thomas, TY, Devante Parker, JuJu, Richardson

Having Kamara as my only dependable RB would kind of scare me, but streaming QB week to week is getting hard with all these injuries and others hoarding QBs. For week 11 I’ve got Dalton @ Den (uh, no), Brissett on the bye, and the likes of Eli, Siemian, Bortles, Flacco on the waiver wire.


I would rather go after Tyrod for a lower price Than Brady. Keep your depth.

PPR? Redraft?

I think Freeman and Kamara would be a decent 1-2 to land Brady if it were a PPR redraft.

Any chance McCown is sitting on waivers?

Redraft, 1/2 PPR

McCown is stashed, and Tyrod was dropped when I traded 2 for 1 to get Demarco. If I knew Tyrod was the guy he was going to drop I would have included him in the deal. :rage:

edit: I should add that Tyrod got picked up immediately when dropped, by somebody who had a better waiver order than me.

So after the GB RB stinker…anybody want to re-evaluate, or was that just an off game?