Trade Help/Value

McKinnon + Julio for Mike Davis + Metcalf.

0.5 PPR formats.

How fair do you think this trade is rest of season? Thanks for any input.

Hard to value it too much really, Mostert is back in SF so Mckinnon lost a ton of value and saw hardly any touches last week, Mcaffrey is set to come back soon so while mike davis might still be involved it won’t be nearly as much/not at all, Julio hasn’t played due to Injury most of the season and Metcalf has been a stud so i doubt the Metcalf owner would want to take that gamble. Julio’s value is at it’s lowest right now, and will only go up if he can return from injury and play at a high level again

Agree with most of this. However Mckinnon was still a top 24 RB w/ Mostert except the horrible Miami game most of all 49er players were bad. Davis will go back to be a handcuff once CMC comes back.

They would be trading Metcalf at their peak value, but do you expect him to maintain this pace for rest of season?? Compared to a ‘hopeful’ healthy Julio.

So far it would appear that Metcalf has taken over as Wilson’s primary receiver over Lockette, so yes i actually do expect him to maintain this pace. I think he’s a low-mid WR1 ROS, and we just don’t know what Julio is going to be if he can ever make it back to the field. I would keep Metcalf > Julio if you asked me today.