TRADE HELP w/ Freeman, Fitz, and Hogan

What do yall think about giving up Freeman, Fitz, and Hogan for Zeke and AJ. I feel like Hogan has been performing at his ceiling and won’t continue to score as many touchdowns as he has been scoring. As for Fitz, he blew up one week, but a lot of his points have come in garbage time, and that makes me nervous!

12 man full PPR


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I would definitely do it.

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I think Fitz is about to hit his usual mid season decline and Brown^2 are about to see more targets. That being said Im not sure that is a great 3 for 2 you get the best receiver of the group but you lose two starters…guess it depends on your bench as of now but Id see if you can get him to throw in another low end wr2 or high 3

Idk I think I would lean on the side of keeping your team.
Freeman has a soft schedule and his playoff schedule is the best for RBs. Hogan is killing it and has become Bradys go to in redzone. Yes Green can win a week but he can also just do decent.
Then add the Zeke possibility (even though only slight possibility) that he could serve his suspension.
Keep yours (Just my opinion)

He would have to drop a player to accept this anyways. See who he would drop and ask to add them to the trade instead. If you want them that is.