Trade help week 3 gonna be 0-3!

Would Kamara and Hollywood Brown for Fournette/Chubb and Watkins be a fair deal or lob sided?

Ehh If you have Kamara I’d hold him in that trade . You can find better , Hill might be back this week . Maybe try to get Hill instead of Watkins

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I’m trying to get Kamara in that trade sorry I forgot to say @darrin0c

Okay , I mean I think it’s definitely fair depending on team needs. But I’d rather have Kamara because of the big games. Right now I don’t think Chubb gives you those huge games and Fornette has been awful so far , Watkins will still be good even if Hill comes back but if I was that guy I’d keep Kamara. I have Kamara so something that would entice me might be like a Tyreek Hill and Chris Carson , I was just offered that for Mccaffrey so idk

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He has Hill would you trade Watkins and Sanders/Gordon/McLaurin for him? @darrin0c

My WRs are Watkins Hopkins Gordon Diggs MeCole and McLaurin

Bumping for more input