Trade Help - What can i offer for some RB depth?

0.5 PPR

I currently have:

WR - Michael Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins, Tyler Boyd, Demarcus Robinson, Jamison Crowder, Mike Williams, MVS

RB- Aaron Jones, Josh Jacobs, Adrian Peterson

I am trying to put together a coupe of WRs for an RB but not sure what i should aim for

Will probably pick up Mostert as well but its rough for RBs

Does any team have 3 RBs that could trade and need WR help?

One team Im looking at has Joe Mixon, Leonard Fournette and Marlon Mack. WRs are Lockett, DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, and Golden Tate

That person would likely only trade mixon. Could buy low but the oline hasn’t helped him this year.

Assuming you start 2WR, 2RB, 1W/R I would look to package AP with one (or two) WR. Spin the angle that you are still giving them a starting RB.

I’m not sure about how Bye weeks line up but in this case it gives you your auto starts of MT an DH at WR and your auto starts of AJ and JJ at RB.

I would be ok with any two WR so long as Boyd is not one of them. Obviously MT and DH aren’t being traded either. If you are doing two WR and including Boyd it better be a solid RB.

Now you have all those other WR + whatever RB you get in return to flex in and out as needed.

Obviously an injury to a RB would be terrible but personally that is the route I’d go. Unless of course you can get a solid RB without adding AP then having the depth wouldn’t hurt.