Trade help- which RB do I give up!

Receive: Hopkins, James Robinson, and Jimmy Graham

Give: Mike Evans, Robert Tonyan, and one of my rb’s. I have Edwards-Helaire, Conner, and Jacobs. I’m trying to make the trade with conner but other guy wants edwards-helaire.

Which of these three RB’s would you prefer to trade away/would you still do the trade with any of the three?

1/2 PPR league, I’m weaker at WR and need wins now (1-3)

personally I don’t like this trade that much. Unless you don’t have any other TEs on your roster I would look to get a WR2/3 instead of graham. And I definitely wouldn’t do it with Jacobs or CEH, only Conner

I have a TE1 in Waller. So adding the Tonyan/Graham swap was just a way to try to entice them to make the trade with conner instead of one of my other top RB’s.