Trade help with girlfriend

Ok this is a tricky one for me. I want Nick Chubb and my girlfriend has him. It’s her first year playing and I’m not wanting to take advantage of her. She wants Chris Carson and either Miles Sanders or Austin Ekeler for Chubb. Is this a fair deal? I was thinking more along the lines of Mike Evans for Chubb. What’s your opinion?

It’s really roster dependent - but I think the Carson for either one she mentioned is very fair.

What’s the scoring system?

It’s one point PPR

Aha…okay…I really like Chubb, but I actually think I like the Carson and Sanders side of the deal better than the Chubb side, especially in this format.

Sanders will catch passes out of the backfield on a regular basis.

And yeah, both Carroll and Kitchens have said that their lead backs are going to catch more passes this year, but you can’t bank on that until it starts happening.

All three of these backs are trendy risers right now. I think if you take a step back from the preseason hyperventilation routine, you might actually be more solid with the depth that Carson and Sanders bring.

Not knowing the rest of your RB stable, it’s hard to say, however. What’s the rest of your backfield look like?

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Ekeler Montgomery justice hill mattison and Henderson

Do you want to win at fantasy football or score points with her?
How long have you two been together?

Personally, anytime my wife and I have been in a league together, which is every year and every league for the past 5 yrs, we do not trade between ourselves. We both have our reasons… she thinks I’m trying to trade rape her, and she always offers me crap… but seriously, its more to avoid the appearance of collusion. All of our leagues do not have a veto system and we dont want that hanging over our respective titles.


I think what she is offering is a fair deal. I would give her carson and either sanders or ekeler for chubb in a heartbeat.

I’m of the mindset that you run your team as you want, but then again I don’t want anyone saying there was collusion involved. I think the trade is fair and I would accept it in a heartbeat from anyone else but with her I’m a little gun shy with trading.

And to answer PoeGar I always want to win lol. Going for back to back championship s in this league. We’ve been together for a little over a year

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It’s hard to tell if this is fair without seeing both of your rosters. Does she need more Running backs? Trades should benefit both sides. There’s no reason for her to give up Chubb for two lesser RBs if she’s good on RB’s. Chubb for Carson and Eckler is fair in a vacuum. Miles sanders doesn’t seem to belong in this conversation.

She didn’t get much running back depth. She got karma and Chubb then didn’t get much depth after that.