Trade Help with Le'Veon Bell

I’m playing in a 10 team non ppr league. Currently, I am ranked #4.
My roster is Drew Brees, Lesean McCoy, Jerick McKinnon, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Delanie Walker, Frank Gore, Bills D/ST, and Greg Zuerlein.
My bench is Lamar Miller, Emmanuel Sanders, Desean Jackson, Will Fuller V, Carson Wentz, Javorius Allen, and Orleans Darkwa.

Someone just offered me Le’Veon Bell for my Lamar Miller, Jerick McKinnon, and Will Fuller V. Should I take the trade or will I lose too much depth?

I would take it! but would keep fuller.

I think that is a great deal for you. Fuller most likely won’t keep up that td pace and you have 2 legit too 5 type running backs

I’d do it in a heartbeat…Lev is like having two players in one slot most weeks…fuller can’t keep up this pace and miller is…well…miller…I think you have more than enough depth to fill in as absolutely necessary and then I’d grab Connor to back up lev just in case

For me that’s an easy yes. The only real loss for you is Lamar Miller, I’m assuming the other 2 were taken from waivers and are easily replaceable.

Take it man. That’s an easy yes and you’d regret it if you didn’t.

This is so one sided that its borderline trade rape tbh. Accept that trade yesterday

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I probably try to get another piece with Lev Bell, but I wouldn’t push so hard as to foil the deal. I think you win even taking it as is.

Done! Your getting a top 3 player ros without injury and not giving up your top player in any spot. Congrats

That’s an easy accept. Wish I had owners like that in my league…