Trade help with my wife - 1/2 PPR

Hey gang, I want to trade to my wife but don’t want to make it look like collusion. She is 3-1 and is number one, and I am in the basement. She has a multitude of injuries and I want to help her while helping myself. I need a QB and the best available is Kyle Allen and Gardener because everyone is rostering multiple QB’s. She has Damien Williams on the bench injured along with TY and others.

I was going to send Chris Godwin/Darrel Williams for Dak & Tyrell Williams (or Manny Sanders). Is this fair?

A second option was to send Godwin/Darrel Williams/Montgomery for DAK/Tyrell Williams/Frank Gore (or Manny Sanders). Is this overkill?

I desperately need a QB and also have no qualms about overpaying. The league might see this as collusion, but this is the last year we are doing this league and only renewed because I was drunk and committed us to playing (and paying).

Bumping this up!

Do you have commish approval, league vote or just straight up trades?

Think commish approved trades, I am not the commish though…

@Wentz1013 @quintana22 @LueManChu

Tagging some other for advice.

@SaltyGator I can try submitting either option to see what is allowed to go through but wanted input so it doesn’t look too contrived and premeditated.

Depending on what she needs but it seems pretty fair to me.

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She needs WR and RB help right now, but are both options relatively fair, or is one better than the other?

I think both are fair as Godwin should do very well this year…

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I sent:

Godwin, Montgomery, Darrel Williams, 16th DP

I receive:

Dak, Gore, Tyrell Williams, 8th DP

Waiting on the league, but if it get rejected we could bump up the DP to maybe a 6th.

Looks pretty even and do not see why it would get rejected.

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@Wentz1013 thanks again, since we are husband and wife I have already been blasted for attempting to collude since she accepted the trade. She is number one and my season prospects are not looking good…

Sounds like fun. Good luck :slight_smile:

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I dont think this trade would get vetoed. Its even !

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Annnnd here we go lol. Commish told me his friend is messaging him saying Godwin alone is worth all those players, and if he gets more pushback he’ll veto. I said well either pass or veto so I can make a new offer, it’s really that simple. Definitely not playing next year with these people.

But you are sending Godwin lol

I am sending Godwin.

I still have Chark, Julio, Juju.

As long as you are honestly not colluding then my stance is it doesn’t matter what anyone else in the league thinks. I’m commish in my league and I approve all trades. I would only ever veto if someone did something crazy like sell half their starters for a backup. Everyone values players differently and depending on your team record and needs players are valued differently. So I would propose whatever trade you want and forget about what anyone else thinks.

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So I was told that draft picks are suspect because you don’t know who will return to the league next year after 4 people left. And the commish’s friend said Godwin alone is worth more than everybody, and that I can trade Montgomery for Dak plus. I am annoyed, I can see the trade being lopsided, but I offered to switch to a higher 2020 pick like a 6th or maybe a 5th and again that was soundly rejected…

So offering to send Montgomery and Darrel Williams for Dak, just wanted to know who else I should take from the wife:

Dak/Manny Sanders
Dak/Tyrell Williams

I also have Juju to trade away as well, but IDK…

Definitely not returning to this league.