Trade help with Tyreek and McCaff

QB: Wentz
RBS: Gurley Hyde Mccaff Drake
WR: Hill Fuller JuJu Westbrook Corey Davis
TE: Ertz ASJ

Giving: McCaff and Hill

Recieving: Shady

Is it worth it??
I know fuller is a downgrade due to savage. so i’d be relying on Juju ( which is unknown because bryant wasn’t traded), Westbrook ( 1st year coming off injury ), Davis (also coming off a injury but played 70%+ snaps recently)

Standard leauge 12man.
Record is going to be 8-1 after tonight’s game.

No Way. I’m actually debating offering Hopkins and Watkins for Hill in a league where i have alex smith and hunt (and i hate having that many players on 1 team) because savage is such trash.

i’d rather have the depth of keeping hops and watkins, savage sucks but at least he’s getting targets watkins just a hit or miss hunt hasn’t done much lately so he’ll most likely get back to how he was doing weeks 1-4

I’d sit tight. WR group would be suuuper thin.

I know it was against ATL, but Mccaff just had a monster game in his first game without Benjamin.

Trade deadline is next week so i’m just preparing for playoffs. I’m unsure about my WR side, but idk if i can take it all the way with this roster

also kind of worried about the weeks for gurley playoffs.